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My name is Barnabas Lundberg and I am a native Iowan. I grew up on a farm in Central Iowa, where I watched my father and grandfather work the ground as farmers. In their spare time they would build and make out of wood. Thus began my love. I watched as my grandfather and father worked on projects together and was delighted as my father taught me. There were many trades and skills improved between the generations that have been passed down to me. My base knowledge of woodworking, gained by a young age, allowed me to really hone my skills into a unique passion: Studio Furniture


I love to design, sketch and push the boundaries of what is considered 'furniture' and challenge my family, friends and clients to see the beauty and possibilities that lie around us in God's creation and man's innovations. I also greatly enjoy building well-built, beautiful pieces for clients that want something more traditional. My creativity often draws from my background in Landscape Architecture (BLA '13) and I often enjoy gardening, planting, and tending house plants as a hobby;


I strive to learn and create things I have never done before and hope to apply my new knowledge to my current and future projects. I also enjoy time outside the shop with my lovely wife, my three young children and extended family.

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